Energized Hounds

 My challenge continues and the skiing has improved everyday.  At the very least this challenge has been great for getting me out of the house.  For example, the weather today in Rossland was drab and uninspiring but up at Strawberry Pass the day was transformed into a winter wonderland.

On Friday I skied to Mosquito Cabin via Red Dog, then has a high speed decent down the logging road.  It was the only time the dogs were trying to keep up with me, not vice/versa.

Mosquito Cabin

Finally: proper winter driving conditions

On Saturday I had to go to Grand Forks, so I stopped again at the pass and skied as far and fast as I could for 25 minutes.  It is amazing how far you can go in a short time on skis.  I took about 8 minutes to come down, it was a great diversion from the drive, and a great workout as well.

Marco Santano

 I ran into Red Mountain Ski Team Alumni Jacob Flood and Marco Santano.  I did not stick around for the inevitable build a jump session.  Great to see the guys out there.

Jacob Flood and Marco

Today, the dogs and I skied to Sunspot cabin, it snowed continuously.  Truly a winter wonderland.

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