Assault on the Red Mountain Vibe

Red Mountain is developing, while in one sense this is great for ensureing we continue to have a place to ski and in regards to the fact that improvements are now made to the resort every year. The down side is that Red is now attracting some visitors who are more into themselves than into being part of the Red Mountain experience. In the past week I have been the unfortunate witness to two lift line incidences that I would not normally associate with Red Mountain. The first involved a woman in a Vail type suit who told a polite man in the singles line to “BACK OFF” when he suggested he ride the chair with their group of three. The other happened today and was similar. Two women on the Motherlode chair aggressively dismissed a Ski Patroller who professionally and politely moved to share the chair with them. Patroller was flabbergasted! As was I! What can we do when visitors bring their nasty attitude to our paradise?

The negative vibe was soon lost and forgotten with the next run down Lynx Line. It was my first real powder experience of the season. Yesterdays snowfall did not bring the epic conditions that were anticipated but 14 cm did fall, this combined with the previous dumps made for very fine conditions. Today’s skiing was my first taste (this season) of what Red Mountain is all about. My skiing found its flow.

One thought on “Assault on the Red Mountain Vibe

  1. Hmmm…interesting. I wonder what their logic was for not allowing the extra person to ride with them. Safety? Wanting to have a smoke of questionable substances in private?

    Personally, I have never been knocked back by a ski bunny (or a ski dude). 🙂 I hope this is not a future trend!

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