CSIA Ignition Day

 Today was CSIA Ignition Day at Red Mountain.

This is a day when CSIA Members get a day of training from CSIA Course Conductors (myself and Jonathan Campagna).  The goal of the day is to Ignite Instructors skiing and teaching passion for the 2017 season.  We aim to send each participant off with a direction in which to take their skiing for the season.

The day started cold and windy with poor visibility.  These conditions caused us to cower directly over to Rino’s run.  The top of Granite was not suited to human habitation in and way.  However the conditions were much more civilized once on Rino’s.  Then the conditions proceeded to improve throughout the day. 

It was great to ski with a group of such proficient skiers, all of whom shared a common bond.  Two notable instructors participating in the event were second year CSIA Member Jacob Flood and 50 (fifty)Year CSIA Member Dave Dumont.  The full range of the CSIA Membership was represented.  I am happy to report that Dave is still charging hard, skiing first lift to last lift with instructors 60 years his junior, what an incredible guy.

Note: CSIA “Ignition Day” has a similar name to Canadian Ski Quest “Ignition Week” .  The CSIA day is named after the Canadian Ski Quest product.

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