Freeski Academy Intro Day

Canadian Ski Quest offered a free introduction training day today to skiers aged 10-13 who are considering participating in the Red Mountain Academy next year. Dylan organised everything and it turned out to be a great day. Dylan started the day with partnering the 10-13 year old prospects with the 16-17 year old current athletes.
Dylan partnered one of the young ones named Jacob with Academy star Todd Loukras. I had an entertaining lift ride with the two of them. Jacob was somewhat star struck by Todd asking him questions for the entire lift ride. “Are you a professional skier?” “Are you sponsored?” “What do they give you?” “Can you backflip off that?” and on and on. Unbridaled enthusiasm from Jacob and now Todds has another fan. To Todds credit, he spoke with Jacob as an equal and was an outstanding role model. It was a great “pay it forward” type day.
Photo is Todd Loukras taking a drop in Papose Bowl.
8 cm of new snow last night, I had a couple of great powder runs, Lynx line skiers left, no one is touching it.

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