Major Controversy at Red Mountain

It once was parking. This season however Red Mountain passholders are up in arms over the removal of the LARGE nachos option from the Rafters menu. As of this season the only Nachos option available in Rafters is the “regular” (small) size. In terms of quality, as high as ever. In terms of promoting camaraderie amongst free thinkers bonded together by the common soul uplifting experience that is Red Mountain: Not so good! I encourage everyone to fill out a comment card whenever you are at Red Mountain. Encourage Rafters to encourage sharing. “BRING BACK THE LARGE!”

The skiing: Busy today, by Red standards, but a beautiful day. Cold, clear and blue with high quality snow. It is still thin in many off piste areas, but if you stay in the open, rocks seem to be less prevalent, the skiing is great.

2 thoughts on “Major Controversy at Red Mountain

  1. Mark, having a few beers with the boys at the Shovel and Simone related the following story.
    He was siting on the lift with some mates and they were watching a skier come down Link’s Line saying that they all wanted to ski like that. Simone recognised this individual as Mark Impey and commented “Now that’s a professional”.
    I, of course said, ” I ski with him all the time !!!!!!”
    PS We all had protested about the loss of the large Nachos

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