Don Kjorven inducted into CSIA Hall of Fame

My inspirational ski partners

 More Nordic skiing for me, which has been good.  But I am ready to make some turns.  The time factor is my biggest challenge, it is easy to get a good workout (for me) in a short time with the misery sicks.

I skied up Plewman Trail on Monday, as far up as I dared to ski down.  These are the top two photos which would be at about the same elevation as the top of Silverlode Chair.  We need more snow, and it is pretty wet (but good base material).

I have also had a whirlwind trip back and fourth to Banff.  My friend and past Canadian Ski Quest Instructor Don Kjorven was inducted into the CSIA Hall of Fame.  It was an event I did not want to miss.

Bestsy telling me to ski faster

Meaning I drove to Banff yesterday, and back today.  It was well worth the trip.  It was great to see old friends in Banff and to hear KJ’s speech, it was a momentous occasion for him.

I took advantage of the geography I was driving through and stopped at Kootenay Pass yesterday and today I skied about halfway up to Boom Lake in Banff National Park.  As you can see from the photos the skiing at higher elevations is on!

Kootenay Pass: Mid winter conditions

Beautiful Winter
The trail to Boom Lake
Me with the Legend Don Kjorven

2 thoughts on “Don Kjorven inducted into CSIA Hall of Fame

  1. Congrats to Don, as a past student of his through CSQ, Don is such a inspirational person and so deserving of the recognition. Also, Misery Sticks! LOL.

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